Work smart and drive safe

Performing regular maintenance on your tires while you’re on the road can be hard to do. our tire thumpers are created with truckers in mind to make checking your tire pressure easy and fast, no matter where you are. use the big rig defense tire thumper to keep up with your tire conditions any time.

The quickest way to check tires

Easy-to-use tire thumper

Simply hit your tires with our weighted tool to instantly check the air pressure. if the stick bounces off the tire, the pressure is normal. if the stick doesn’t bounce, take further action to maintain your tires.

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We offer two different tire-thumper versions. both versions feature a 17 ¾-inch length, a 4-inch circumference, and a 1 ¼-inch diameter. the high-quality materials and weighted balance make both thumping tools the perfect on-the-road companions to monitor your tire pressure.

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What is the Hickory Stick Tire Thumper made of?

It's made of high-quality stained hickory and metal, offering durability and a premium feel. The handle is designed for a firm grip, even with gloves.

Is the Tire Thumper balanced?

Yes, it features a perfectly weighted 3-inch iron rivet for balance, making it effective without being cumbersome.

How can I carry the Tire Thumper safely?

It comes with a slotted, fully gripped handle and a nylon wrist strap for easy and safe carrying.

What are the shipping durations for different shipping options?

We currently ship only within the United States. The shipping durations are as follows:

  • Standard Shipping: 3-5 business days
  • Expedited Shipping: 2 business days
  • Priority Shipping: 1 business day
Customer Review
BAN from CLE
This will be good to use walking the dogs in case something nefarious comes along. I got the lighter weight which seems good. I thought the other might be too heavy but would consider the heavier one for more impact if you have to use it.
I bought this to walk my dog at night but
It’s not really easy to conceal. Then I was going to leave it in my car. Then I thought I better not. So now it’s at my front door. It’s out of sight out of mind but if it’s needed it’ll come in use. Great purchase.
Very solid tool
This is a very solid piece of wood. I like the strap and the grip. I hung this behind my front door. I think it will be a great self-defense tool if ever needed.
Great Stick for Walking
I bought this to carry with me when I go out along to take pictures for my photography. I like the size and weight.