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Tire Thumper: 10 ounces

Tire Thumper: 10 ounces

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Balanced Weight
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Product description

  • HICKORY STICK TIRE THUMPER FOR TRUCKERS: 17.75" length and 1.25" diameter Hickory and metal tire thumper and tire pressure checker. 
  • THE QUICKEST WAY TO CHECK TRUCK TIRES: This handy tool makes checking multiple tires a breeze so you can get back on the road quickly and safely. Simply give your tires a good whack and listen for a reassuring thump and feel your stick bounce off a fully inflated tire.
  • HIGH QUALITY PREMIUM FEEL & FINISH: Made from exceptionally high quality and resilient stained hickory this stick not only looks great but feels great in the hand.
  • PERFECTLY WEIGHTED & BALANCED: The 3 inch iron rivet is evenly balanced and provides the necessary weight to give your tire a big thud without being cumbersome.
  • GIVES A FIRM GRIP: The comfortable slotted and fully gripped handle means you'll never lose your grip even with gloves on. The additional nylon wrist strap also provides extra safety and make this wooden stick super easy to carry.

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    FAQ Section

    How do I use the Hickory Stick Tire Thumper?

    Simply strike your tire with the thumper. A solid thump and bounce-back indicate a well-inflated tire, allowing for quick checks before hitting the road.

    What is the Hickory Stick Tire Thumper made of?

    It's made of high-quality stained hickory and metal, offering durability and a premium feel. The handle is designed for a firm grip, even with gloves.

    Is the Tire Thumper balanced?

    Yes, it features a perfectly weighted 3-inch iron rivet for balance, making it effective without being cumbersome.

    How can I carry the Tire Thumper safely?

    It comes with a slotted, fully gripped handle and a nylon wrist strap for easy and safe carrying.